Unique Tandem

Unique is the new light trike model, whose design allows for extending it. Thanks to that from the single trike we can construct the tandem by connecting another front with safety cage. Tandem can be also easily packed into the car. It is very nice solution for the summer trips.

Tandem trike is a construction with the safety cage and anti-turnover arch. The cage is constructed in such a way to be comfortable and to give place to move easily. The cage construction perfectly protects people in case of trike falls over upside down or aside.

Passenger harness is specially designed for this trike. It contains certified tapes system that independently duplicates the hanger (passenger, pilot, wing). The harness is attached to the cage in such a way that in case of trike falls over upside down it does not allow passenger to fall out from cage. The passenger position in cage prevents touching feet to the ground. It is important especially during the landing. Passenger keeps his feet on special footrests.

Weight of the trike ready to fly: 28kg

How to order

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Technical support

Do you have any questions? We provide full technical support. For each trike we attach instructive video.