Airone SOLID

(not produced anymore)

Airone Solid is a trike for those who want feel unlimited during the flight. The biggest advantage of this trike is a system that allows to fold a landing gear during the flight so that you can use a speed-system in its full range (like in PPG). The folded landing gear allows to take pictures or make a movies straight down during the flight.

Solid and Unique trikes are equipped with adjustable system of fastening the paramotor which allows to fly “from wheels” almost on every PPG drive available on the market. It takes less than a minute to assemble and disassemble these trikes without the need of any tools. When they are disassembled, they fit to the trunk of the small car. It is very comfortable and practical solution for the weekend trip or regular flights.

Dimensions of the disassembled trike: 50cm/50cm/83cm (height/width/length)
Dimensions of the trike ready to fly: 56cm/150cm/183cm (height/width/length)
Weight of the trike ready to fly: 14,8kg

Trike equipement:

  • 20" wheels for the extreme sports
  • wheels hubs situated on the mechanical bearing
  • double walled wheel rim with slots for spokes nipples that connects two walls of rim together.
  • rear wheels ONE CLICK with the system of quick unplugging. Time needed to unplug wheel for the transport is 1 sec.
  • effective breaking system V-BRAKE
  • approved flexible half shafts strengthened with carbon fibers

How to order

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Technical support

Do you have any questions? We provide full technical support. For each trike we attach instructive video.